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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the what drives that drives leads to your website. Without proper SEO, people are unlikely to ever find you. We can help you maximize your website by optimizing it for highly targeted traffic.

Our Approach.

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Are you visible to customers who are looking for a business like yours?

The Internet has changed dramatically over the last decade. It’s no longer possible to launch a website and just cross your fingers, hoping for people to find it online.

More than 500,000 new websites are created every day. It’s a crowded place and there’s no reward for businesses who can’t be found by their customers.

The first page of the search results in Google shows the 10 websites that they feel are most relevant for the particular search that has been performed. Do they think your website is relevant?

How do our SEO plans work?

Let’s be honest, SEO can be confusing. That’s why we have a straight-forward approach. 

Onboarding & Analysis

Before we dive into your SEO Pathway, we’ll need to get your site enrolled into our SEO program. For the first two weeks we’ll perform a full SEO Audit as well as a security audit and  maintenance adjustments to ensure your site is set up for success.

*If your site was build by us, the enrollment fee is waived. 

Choose your Pathway(s)

Evaluation & Analysis

Each month you will receive a detailed report that outlines your progress and deliverables. Each quarter we will review and evaluate the results of your SEO campaign over the last three months. At this point we can switch pathways or we can continue to build upon the work we’ve already accomplished.


SEO Pathways

Our SEO Pathways allow us to create an individualised approach to your website’s SEO campaign, helping your to choose the right SEO path for you. You can choose one Pathway or all three!

On-page Pathway

On-page SEO is the perfect place to start in your SEO journey. It is usually the first course of action to ensure that what you already have is properly optimised. This pathway will evaluate and optimise your current website content, technical structure and conversion rate.

Content Pathway

Content is king. This pathway will provide your site with brand new content each month that is optimised. The content pathway involves researching the most valuable keywords with appropriate keyword placement to get you seen by search engines.

Link Building Pathway

Backlinks help to give your site authority. The link building pathway helps to build a network of links to your site of equal or greater value which will pass  their authority to you. These backlinks will help to increase your site’s reputation and trust within search engines.

How much does it cost?

Let’s be honest, SEO can be confusing. That’s why we have a straight-forward approach. 


$500 / Month

Choose one pathway with the option to switch pathways every 3 months.


$825 / Month

Choose any two pathways with the option to switch pathways every 3 months.


$1150 / Month

Get complete access to all three pathways at the best possible rate!

All pathway packages require a 2 week onboarding & analysis phase ($250) prior to starting your monthly package. The fee will be waived if your website was built by us!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does SEO take?

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Any changes to your website can take up to 2 – 4 weeks to begin to have an effect on your search engine ranking.

It typically takes 6 – 8 weeks to see any significant progress in your rankings.

Can you guarantee to get us the first spot on Google?

Unfortunately not. There are so many factors that come into SEO, and every industry and competition is different. Of course we strive to ensure your site will rank as highly as possible, however there are no guarantees.

Am I tied into a contract?

Simply put no. Our SEO programs are billed on a monthly basis.

However, we do recommend signing up to a minimum of 3 months to see significant progress on your rankings.

How can I track the results?

Each month we will send you a detailed report of the work we’ve done along with a report of your ranking progress.  We track your rankings daily, so we know exactly how effective your campaign is.

How long do I need to do SEO?

To ensure you continue to rank, SEO is an ongoing commitment Search engines are constantly changing – algorithms update, search patterns evolve and keyword adapt.  Search engines favour websites with recent original content. You need fresh content that includes new relevant keywords. There’s always an opportunity for link building.


Your SEO campaign requires constant maintenance to keep up. It’s time-consuming, it’s hard work, but don’t worry – we can take care of it all for you!

Can I change pathways?

Absolutely, however, we ask that you stick to a pathway for a minimum of 3 months.  This doesn’t mean that you are locked into a three month contract. You can still cancel anytime.


However, we believe that a minimum of 3 months is needed to receive the true benefit and success of the pathway. Switching back and forth makes it difficult to analyze the results of each path’s effort and as a result your campaigns are less effective.

Feedback From Our Clients

" Alice has been a freakin' superstar in updating our various websites, - especially in tidying up the mess left by our previous guy. I'm so happy to work with someone so reliable.
Sarah Bahar
PDSi, Hardtalk, The Possibilities Project
"Alice understood exactly what I needed and has been a fountain of knowledge as well as super responsive and so helpful every step of the way"
Lauren Butcher
Mini Mindfuls

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