dcmDigital worked with The Possibilities Project as part of our giving back campaign. We truly believe in the project and the importance of young people in the workplace, so we were overjoyed to have the opportunity to help bring it to life. The Possibilities Project needed an online home to allow people to download and access the free eBook.

Created by Dawn Metcalfe and Sarah Bahar, The Possibilities Project is a fantastic social impact project. Its aim is to be the ultimate handbook for young people across the UAE to prepare themselves for career-readiness.

“We consider Alice an extended part of our team now. She’s helped tweak and build four websites now, from working on the design and flow (and interpreting our loose ideas) to all the back-end mechanics which we’re clueless about. Alice is reliable, trustworthy and cost efficient. It also helps that she’s lovely to deal with!”

Sarah Bahar